A Job Well Done

After five and a half years in Haiti, two and a half of which with Extollo International, the Janofski family will be transitioning out of Haiti and returning to the States on April 15, 2019. Under Craig’s leadership as Country Director, Extollo grew from an idea with a site plan to a thriving training facility that impacts hundreds of people through education and opportunity in the construction trades. As you can read in their blog post, the road has not been easy for the Janofskis, and we look forward to seeing how God works in their lives upon their return to family and friends at home. During the transition period, Craig will continue to coach and mentor the Haiti team, and we’re exc

Still Sorrowful, But Not Crying

The last time I visited Haiti, I cried for most of the first day on the island. The living conditions, the air, the trash, the smells, the poverty—it was all too overwhelming. I just returned from Haiti, and this time, I see hope. The first thing I noticed when my American Airlines flight landed in the capital, Port au Prince, was that the airport had gone through a major renovation. Now air conditioning filtered throughout, baggage claim buzzed with something close to efficiency, and the crowds consisted of mostly Haitians flying home from visits abroad, not missionaries flying into the country to lend a hand. Next, I marveled that the roads no longer shook the fillings in my teeth as we tr


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