Extollo Training Center

With so many Haitians desperate for job skills and a construction industry unable to find skilled labor, Extollo International is developing a permanent construction training facility. The Extollo Training Center, which broke ground in April 2016, will provide expanded programs and dramatically increase our capacity to train.


The Extollo Training Center is a vocational school that teaches construction in 7 core trades including: masonry, concrete and forms, electrical, plumbing and welding. Students learn construction fundamentals in the classroom and then apply what they’ve learned during hands-on training. They learn earthquake-and- hurricane resistant building methods to international standards, preparing them for jobs in Haiti.

Classes are taught in Haitian Creole with a custom curriculum, addressing Haiti’s specific construction needs. To graduate and become certified, students must pass written and practical tests.


The five-acre campus, located in Bercy, Haiti, will be developed in phases to accommodate immediate training demands and grow for future needs.

Currently in Progress...


The new facility includes the 4000 square-foot training building will include a shop area, classroom space, office, and storage. Additional buildings include large storage, lunch preparation and dining, guard towers, bathroom facility, plus two guest homes to accommodate visiting trainers and staff.


In addition to the core construction trades,

new programs include:


  • Management and leadership training

  • Job placement services

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur

Click on the image to see the Phase One Capital Campaign

Phase I facilities equip students with everything needed to practice hands-on vocational training and prepare them for jobs in the real world.


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Extollo Training Center

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