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How can we help Haiti? 4 Reasons Mission Trips Could Be Harmful

Before planning your next mission trip, take a look at 4 ways it could be harmful and ways to make it a more productive trip... read more

Don't Make This Mistake When Helping Haiti

With the challenges the Haitian government faces in providing even basic services to its citizens, let alone knowing which nonprofit is doing what, inevitably large gaps emerge.

Into this large gap many people and organizations of good intention step in. The problem arises when they do so without first doing the hard work of gaining an understanding of the substantive and often nuanced challenges Haiti is facing, and run forward without the large dose of humility that this hard work requires... read more


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Welding Class

Our students continue to soar with the instruction from our Haitian trainers. Joel Belus led a group of 10 welding students through our level 1 curriculum and all 10  passed with 80% or higher! Great job Joel and Mirlande! These ten have joined a group of alumni with certificates in welding totaling 93 welding students.

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Masonry Class

Jean Yves, a local Bercy community member attended a masonry class back in 2017. Since then he has been training to become a trainer. In August he led his first masonry class as the instructor and was able to certify 8 our of 10 students. To date Extollo has been able to train a total of 152 masons. Way to go Jean Yves on an incredible job!


Tropical Storm Laura, that later turned into a Category 3 hurricane, passed over Haiti in late August. All staff and students are safe and accounted for and the buildings at the Training Center did not suffer any damage.

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GlobalGiving Campaign: Little by Little

Back in March, you helped us reach our goal to be accepted by GlobalGiving as a permanent non-profit on their website.

There are many perks to being a part of the GlobalGiving community and one is their matching campaigns!

This month, we have another opportunity to raise funds for Extollo through GlobalGiving! All eligible donations up to $50 per unique donor will be matched at 50% during the campaign. Just like last March, matching funds will not run out!

We invite you to mark your calendars and plan to give a gift of up to $50 so that we can benefit from this matching gift through GlobalGiving!

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