Excited children head back to school in Haiti


The social and political unrest over the past few months has certainly impacted Extollo’s operations in the field. A pilot project for a tilt-up house program had been interrupted; one scheduled course had to be canceled and other activities were forced to slow down. In spite of the security challenges, local staff, at their own initiative, went out of their way to keep our operations running and pushed forward on numerous projects on campus. In addition to their normal responsibilities, metal trusses for the Restroom Facility were fabricated and installed, covers for two septic tanks were built, a stone retaining wall that collapsed due to rain was repaired, and important measures have been taken to mitigate any future fuel shortage. And we will be holding a Welding Course in early December.


While Haiti’s future might look dark for many we believe that the best is yet to come. Extollo continues to in equipping and empowering Haitian People. Keep joining us on this journey!

Junior Medard
General Manager | Extollo S.A.



Have you ever considered using your skills to help in Haiti? We have some opportunities for people to come spend some time at the Training Center investing into our Haitian staff!

Macda has lived in the Bercy area since his childhood. In his early 20s, he joined a gang. He had a gun and often got manipulated by others to block main roads, burn tires and threaten people.

Convinced by Wilkens, one of our employees, Macda decided to take a masonry class and then another class in concrete and forms. This wise choice changed Macda’s life. Now, he finds Masonry jobs from time to time and a couple of days per week, he works for Extollo as a groundskeeper.


With the money he earned from these new jobs, he invested in livestock. Now, he lives with his family in dignity and provides for his needs. Macda is among other gang members in Bercy who have benefited from our training programs.


Now Bercy is calm in spite of all the tensions happening in Haiti for the past two months.

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