Mission, Vision & Beliefs

Extollo International is a faith-based humanitarian organization dedicated to serving people and communities.

Our Mission

Eliminate extreme poverty in Haiti through education, employment, economic and character development. Using the apprenticeship approach of “Learning while earning and learning by doing” equipping Haitians with employable skills to rebuild their own country.

Our Vision

  • Build a Training Center to educate nationals in all areas of the construction industry, reducing unemployment, stimulating the local economy and improve their quality of life.

  • Raise up men & women of Godly character which we believe is critical and foundational for success.  

  • Reduce death and destruction during natural disasters as trained workers now build to proper international building standards.

  • Leverage our impact by collaborating with and facilitating other organizations at the Training Center that have like-minded or complementary missions.

  • Teach business management/development, educate contractors and create a Haitian workforce with employable trades and business skills.

  • Develop a worker placement division

  • Encourage entrepreneurship, micro-business startups & job creation.

  • Reach out to women encouraging them to seek out opportunities in business and construction industry.

  • Offer language and Bible class as part of training.

  • Assist and facilitate evangelical organizations in sending mission teams (medical, educational, Bible teachers, etc.) into the field.

  • Share the gospel and lead people to Jesus Christ more by our actions than by our words.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the foundation in all we do.

  • We believe that we proclaim the love of Christ through our actions and deeds – and that we are called to love and care for all people.

  • We believe we serve God by serving people - including individuals, communities, and countries – both spiritually and physically. We believe we can serve God and His people through education, facilitating and training.

  • We believe orphans, widows and children are especially important to God and we strive to use our gifts and talents to help them.

  • Extollo International welcomes all people to partner with us to make a difference in the world. We are not affiliated with, or restricted to, a particular religious group, nor do we discriminate on any basis when building our structures. We are driven by our love of God and helping his people.


1258 Quarry Lane, Suite H
Pleasanton CA 94566
Office: 925.225.1500
Fax: 925.225.1502


EIN: 46-1019372


Extollo Training Center

#11 Route de l'Habitat 

Bercy, HAITI
Office: 509.3754.2665

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