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Our Approach

Extollo: verb | Latin

raise; lift up; extol, ADVance; erect (building)

We teach and train people to rebuild their own communities. By participating in the process of “raising up” buildings, we believe dignity and self-respect can be instilled and restored. We want to help communities build permanent homes, churches and schools using local labor, readily available local materials, and International earthquake and hurricane building standards.

As We Build...

We create jobs, training nationals with employable skills

We stimulate local economies, employing nationals in our projects

We develop men and women of character

How We Do It


Using our design/build techniques and vast experience in construction, development, and training, we train students from all over the country to build high-quality structures that are cost-effective, expandable in size to fit different needs, and earthquake and hurricane resistant where needed.

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Why does Haiti stay so poor?

Billions of dollars of foreign aid has poured into Haiti with little to show for it. This is largely because that money has come to do for Haitians what, with a little help in expertise, they could have done for themselves. This is the biggest difference between aid and development. As a result, 74% of Haitians are either unemployed or under-employed and 8.5 million live on less than $2.41 per day.

Give them a fish.

Aid is designed to help with immediate needs. As important as that is at times, aid is not the solution to Haiti’s long term challenges. The Haitian people are the solution to Haiti’s problems, particularly those who have the skills and character to build a stronger Haiti for all.

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helping haiti
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Teach them to fish.

By helping men and women gain the skills to build, train, and lead, you have the power to unleash Haiti’s potential to create a stronger future. Through Extollo’s unique approach to development you will help build stronger careers, stronger families, stronger communities, and a stronger infrastructure for all Haitians.

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