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Get Involved

Explore the many ways you can make an impact.

Make a lasting impact through joining The Crew - our fun and engaged monthly donor community.

Make A Difference

Dollar Bill in Jar

Have a birthday coming up? Celebrating a milestone or event? Whatever the cause, personal Facebook fundraisers are a fun and easy way to raise funds for Extollo International and to help move our mission forward. We'll show you how and help you all the way!

Want to share with others about what inspires you about what you're help accomplish in Haiti through Extollo? Don't be shy. Take on one or all of these challenges to share your Extollo story and gather more passionate people to Extollo's work.

Team work

Be a part of a community of people who pray for Haiti and Extollo's work in helping alleviate the bondage of poverty. Plus, coming together throughout the year to lift our voices together is one way we work together to bless Haiti.

Visit or Volunteer in Haiti

Join us for our next Listening and Learning Expedition, or share your skill set with one of our training classes. Extollo also offers opportunities to live in Haiti. Amazing things are happening in Haiti. Come and see for yourself!

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