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In order to continue our mission, we must increase our reach. This is best done by word of mouth.

This means you. Don't be shy. If you are passionate about Extollo and believe in our vision, take on one or all of these challenges below to help share our story and grow our support.



We currently 1,900 people following us on Facebook. It is updated multiple times a week and the best way to get quick news and updates right in your feed. This month we’d love to see this get to 2,000.

 If you haven’t done so already, click the Like Button below.

If you have already Liked our page, head to our facebook page and click the three little dots ...

- Click "invite friends"

- Select "invite all"



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Do you love a good party? We can help!


Host an Extollo Dessert Party in your living room. You supply the space and invite some friends. We’ll bring the dessert and share Extollo’s bold vision! Click here to request more info.

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