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Job Opportunities

Extollo is always looking for staff and volunteers to join the team and help advance our mission in Haiti.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, send an email to

Haiti-based Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Benefits for our Haiti-based job opportunities for US employees:
  • Extollo offers a compensation package that includes comfortable housing, all utilities including internet, 24-hour security, lunch each weekday, use of an Extollo vehicle (shared), and a competitive salary.
  • Those semi-retired or fully retired may find this to be a great opportunity to share your experience with those who need it the most.
  • Those just getting their start (Young Professionals in Construction) may find this a unique opportunity to give back while learning your trade through teaching and coaching in a very unique environment.
  • We have opportunities / projects ranging from 2 to 26 week time commitments. Anyone new to Extollo will first live/work on campus for 2 weeks so that you can get an honest taste of what it's like without making a larger time commitment.
  • For those up for the challenge, this may be the most difficult, fulfilling, and rewarding work you will ever do. Join us in improving the construction industry in the nation of Haiti and give those living in extreme poverty a better future! Plus, how often do you get paid for a Caribbean vacation?! 
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