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Our Beliefs

Extollo International is a Christ-centered social enterprise dedicated to
unleashing the potential of the Haitian people.

Our love for and service to Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do.

We value actions above words. We proclaim the love of Christ through our actions and

deeds, and through our call to love and care for all people in all situations.

We serve God by serving his children physically, emotionally, and spiritually, specifically

through education, training, and economic development in the construction industry.

We follow Jesus’ lead in a preference for those most disadvantaged - orphans, widows,

and children - and we strive to use our gifts and talents for their benefit.

global orphan prevention

Extollo International partners with all people of good will to make a positive difference in

Haiti, and we enthusiastically support the effective efforts of others.

We are not affiliated with, or restricted to, a particular religious group, nor do we

discriminate on any basis when building our structures. We are solely driven by our love

of God and our call to serve his people.

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