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Let's Celebrate!

Have a birthday coming up? Celebrating a milestone or event? Whatever the cause, personal Facebook fundraisers are a fun and easy way to raise funds for Extollo International and to help move our mission forward.

facebook fundraise.png

 With Facebook fundraisers, building a stronger Haiti only takes a few clicks!

Need more help in getting started? Follow the step-by-step instructions below!

  • 1. Create your fundraiser
    Log in to your Facebook account and click “Fundraisers” in the left menu of your news feed. The option to create a fundraiser also appears when you click on the downward arrow on the far right of the top toolbar.
  • 2. Click “Select Nonprofit.”
  • 3. Search for or select “Extollo International”
  • 4. Set up your fundraiser’s page.
    Determine your personal fundraising goal as well as an end date for your fundraiser. (For example, you could create a fundraiser that runs through your entire birthday month or through the week of your birthday.) Give your fundraiser a catchy and descriptive title and use your summary to explain why you think your Facebook friends should donate to Extollo. Make it count! Share why Extollo’s work matters to you, how Extollo makes an impact in your life, or how Extollo accomplishes its mission of helping Haitian's find good work, earn a better living, provide for their family and, through all this, build a stronger country for all. Next, you will need to choose a cover image. On the cover image selection page you will see photo options from Extollo’s Facebook album under “More Suggestions.” To upload a photo of your own, click “Edit” in the right corner of the default cover photo, select “Upload New Photo,” and choose from your files. Once you’ve picked out a cover image, click “Get Started” to make your fundraiser’s page available for everyone to see!
  • 5. Spread the word.
    Use the Invite tool to search for the names of friends you think will support your cause. Inviting all of your friends to participate will maximize your outreach — and so will talking about your fundraiser! Post about your fundraiser on your Facebook and add a personalized note about why Extollo’s cause is important to you. You can take an extra step by emailing your contacts to notify them about your Facebook fundraiser, sharing the link to your fundraiser’s page, and asking them to contribute in your honor. You can also reach out to friends over Facebook messages. These steps will help increase your fundraiser’s visibility – and attract more donors.
  • 6. Now that you’ve created your fundraiser, keep up the energy by monitoring its activity and sharing updates toward your goal."
    Sharing your excitement will encourage people to join your cause. Let your friends know how your fundraiser is going by posting about milestones along the way (“We’ve hit 20 percent of our goal!”). You will be notified when donations and posts are made. Be sure to reply to any posts or comments and like and comment on people’s donation posts to thank them for supporting your fundraiser.
  • 7. How to edit or delete your fundraiser …
    To edit details about your fundraiser, click “More” and then click “Edit Fundraiser.” To delete your fundraiser, click “More” and then click “Delete Fundraiser.”
  • 8. Important Notes about Privacy and Security
    - Fundraisers can only be created by Facebook users who are 18 years of age or older. - When you donate to a fundraiser, the charitable organization to which you are donating and the creator of the fundraiser will be able to see your donation. However, the amount you donate will never be shared on Facebook. - Donations made through Facebook to Extollo International are tax-deductible, though tax laws vary by state and by country. - The way Facebook designed the fundraiser function, only individuals can currently create a fundraiser and those gifts are for the Extollo International Fund. However, engaging with your branch members on social media and using Facebook to promote other fundraising strategies is always a good idea. - After you make a donation, a confirmation email from Facebook will be sent to the primary email address listed for your Facebook account. This confirmation shows that you’ve made this donation as a charitable contribution and that you are not receiving any goods or services in return. - Facebook covers all processing fees for donations to U.S.-based charitable organizations made through Facebook.
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