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Join us in Haiti on an expedition of discovery.  Meet with our Haitian staff, business and civic leaders, and our Haitian students to learn about life in Haiti and its rich history.  Learn first hand the manifold dynamics that brought Haiti to where it is today which continue to dog its potential. You will see many things on your trip, but not from the vantage point of a mere tourist. You will be invited into pain, hopes, joys, challenges, and disappointments. For only when we first listen and learn can we be emptied of our sense of control enough to receive insight from on high.

haiti mission trips

Your team will also explore the beauty of Haiti, discovering why the island was called the Pearl of the Caribbean. Less than a 2-hour flight from Florida, Haiti is located on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. While Haiti’s “mountains beyond mountains” and rugged island beauty are breathtaking, poverty is a tangible force in the daily lives of most Haitians.

Historical French colonial exploitation, decades of ineffective government, and natural disasters are just a few contributing challenges in Haiti. With more than two-thirds of adults lacking formal jobs, many cannot afford to care for their children, let alone pay the required fees for education. Less than 50% of children in Haiti attend school.

In spite of economic struggles, hope and resiliency are strong among Haiti’s people. And Haitian churches are rich in faith and actively ministering to their communities.



Extollo International is a Christ-centered social enterprise that is unleashing Haiti's potential to build a stronger future by training a construction workforce of character and capability while adding strength and safety to Haiti's infrastructure. Operating a training-focused construction company, Extollo’s mission is to help ambitious men and women in Haiti lift themselves out of extreme poverty through skill acquisition, character development, and economic opportunity.

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Our team is eager to introduce you to life in Haiti. You will meet with students, graduates, business and civic leaders, and entrepreneurs creating new opportunities for employment. You will also visit historical sites and places of incredible natural beauty. And, of course, you will get to spend time with the wonderful staff at Extollo. 

Tentative Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive and tour Haiti's capital and learn about its history and culture

Day 2

Day trip to remote island to visit Extollo project and children's village

Day 3

Tour and experience Extollo's campus and training program

Day 4

Check in to a Carribean beach resort for fun, rest, and relaxation

Day 5

Tour local businesses and return to Port au Prince for departure


Come prepared for a healthy dose of Caribbean warmth and sunshine. Haiti’s climate is tropical so average daily temperatures range from the mid 70s to the low 90s and humidity is typically high. November – March is Haiti’s dry season, while April – October is rainy season with rain 2-4 nights a week. Haiti lies within the Caribbean’s hurricane belt so tropical storms and hurricanes are possible from June – October.

You and your team will experience the kindness, openness and hospitality so common within Haitian culture. You will sample local cuisines, including the wildly popular pikliz. You will observe both the beauty and struggle of daily life while you travel through the city and countryside.


Trip cost is $795: $100 deposit and $695 trip fee. The $795 includes:

  • All accommodation, including a nice hotel in Port-au-Prince and a beach resort the last night (and guesthouse in between)

  • All food

  • All in-country transportation (potentially including short-hop flights)

  • Emergency services coverage

  • Staff time, and interpreters as needed

  • Interactions with business leaders, local civic leaders, and very unique insights into the challenges Haitians face.


We settled on $795 pp as this comes to $159/day, or if broken down by night just under $200 a night (for four nights), all inclusive. We structured it to break even but if there's any overage, the funds will go to our scholarship program.

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haiti mission trip

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Expedition Dates

To Be Determined

(When it is safe to travel to Haiti)

Monday - Friday

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