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You met the challenge of 2020 - and inspired us!

We wanted to take a moment to pause, do a celebration dance, and thank-you! Your overwhelming response to the 2020 year-end campaign not only helped reach the goal, but you actually passed it by 25%!

Your gifts will be put to work immediately! It will be a very busy year indeed, but your partnership in this work brings inspiration and motivation for the challenges ahead. We can't wait to see the impact your gift makes in 2021. Thanks again!


Expand your worldview...

Join us in Haiti on an expedition of discovery. 

Our team is eager to introduce you to life in Haiti. You will meet with students, graduates, business and civic leaders, and entrepreneurs creating new opportunities for employment. You will also visit historical sites and places of incredible natural beauty. And, of course, you will get to spend time with the wonderful staff at Extollo. You will see many things on your trip, but not from the vantage point of a mere tourist. You will be invited into pain, hopes, joys, challenges, and disappointments. For only when we first listen and learn can we be emptied of our sense of control enough to receive insight from on high.


Yves and Jonathan.jpg


As our Facilities Coordinator, Louthmy, will help keep our campus in tip-top shape performing routine inspections on our equipment, vehicles, and assets in Haiti.


Working closely with our founder, Sherman Balch, Jonathan serves as our Construction Coordinator.


Stephano will help plan and lead our training programs as our new Training Coordinator ensuring quality and continued growth of the trade school.

Alicia Vega

Taking over administrative duties in the Pleasanton, CA office, Alicia will play a vital role in our financial reporting and team communication.


Cement Mixer
As part of our tilt-up initiatives a concrete mixer is heading to campus. This is so exciting to see progress in this area. Bringing this technology to Haiti will revolutionize the housing market and security walls with affordable, safe structures while creating a new job opportunities.
Orphan Transition Program
Haiti has many orphanages and as kids age out of these orphanages, they need help transitions into careers. Extollo has recognized this need and is responding. Efforts are being made to create an Orphan Transition Program (OTP) focused on helping these young people gain skills and find employment in the construction industry.
Extollo Receives a Vehicle
A generous donor has donated funding to purchase and ship a quality used vehicle. Transportation can be very difficult in Haiti and with our growing team and new initiatives it is crucial that our Haiti team has safe, reliable, vehicles to operate. This vehicle has arrived in Haiti and we are working on getting it out of customs and registered.
Nissan for Extollo
New Training Campus is Coming
With a growing demand for our training programs, we are so excited to announce a new partnership with Haiti Outreach Ministries (HOM). We will be expanding our programs using the HOM campus located in Port-au-Prince. This will open the doors to a saturated group of people to be trained who may otherwise not be able to travel to our Bercy campus.

I don't want to miss another Impact Report!


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