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Impact Report - October 2023

Preparing to pour security wall panels.


This past month, the Trade School continued to push forward curriculum development, cultivating trainers and creating value for Alumni. The Construction Team made significant progress in metal fabrication and gained experience in concrete skills used for our tilt-up development.

Through Extollo's three pillars: Skill Development, Economic Opportunity and Character Development, we are making a lasting impact in Haiti.

Alumni Association

The Trade School offered a new course this month called, Construction Drawings, taught by our Trade School Coordinator, Jonathan Dagrin. The 4-hour seminar was attended by 19 alumni who learned how to read and interpret construction plans. Students engaged in hands-on exercises after learning about the different types of plans and elements within them.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for another class, and we are proud of Jonathan for his leadership and initiative in getting this class off the ground.

Metal Fabrication

The metal fabrication team continues to apply learned skills to successfully complete numerous punch list items on campus, such as more shelving units for organization, weatherproofing our training facilities, fabricating trash receptacles for easy access, and tilt-up house projects.


The Construction Team has begun to build 10 additional fence panels and is sampling new finish designs for the panels. The team has worked on different trades, including: formwork, steel reinforcement, and mix design.

The team also removed the old plywood floors in the offices, which were worn and attacked by termites, and replaced them with new concrete floors.

Level 1 Trainer Search

After two weeks of working with Ricardo Prophete, he has proven a real asset to the team, learning wire welding and the metal fabrication process. He will join the current instructor, Youwens Almidor, in teaching the next welding class!

Solar Installation

The Metal Fabrication Team did a fantastic job fabricating the racking systems for the solar panels and batteries for a local organization. The project was completely fabricated and installed by the metal fab team.

We are now looking to expand our off-campus projects in the near future by meeting some basic fabrication needs of the surrounding community, giving the metal fab team more on-the-job training with project design, material listing, site management, and customer relationship - all positive steps towards being better qualified in the business of metal fabrication.

New Purchase!

The Haitian Team inspected and purchased a used container for storing construction supplies. You won't get far in the US delivering a 40' container on a 20' truck but that's the way it is done in Haiti. Now that it has arrived on campus, the Haiti team will work to clean and paint it and get it ready for organizing our plumbing and other construction materials. We have several signs around the campus in Creole: "A place for everything and everything in its place"

While Character Development is woven into every aspect of what we do at the Training Center, here are a couple highlights of Character Development through Community Care -

Food & Water Distribution

This month11,000 gallons of water were distributed around the community.

Extollo also collaborated with Kids Against Hunger Bay Area to help pack nearly 10,000 meals this month. Thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. The food packed will be leaving the U.S. this week, heading straight to Haiti.

Bridge Reconstruction

Some of our staff noticed an unsafe bridge in the community and asked if they could use materials from another project that would not be used to create a new bridge. The reconstruction is still underway, but we'll leave you with a few before photos. We are proud of the team's bias to action in contributing to the local community showing Character Traits in Excellence, Initiative and Teamwork.

Hope for the Future

Join us for Extollo's year-end campaign as we dive deeper into how our three pillars bring hope to Haiti's future. Throughout December, we will have three live-from-Haiti Zoom calls with our staff on campus. Find out more information and RSVP here.

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