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Baocia Children's Academy
Multi-Purpose Building

One New Building,
Three Distinct Functions

Situated on the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy campus in Baocia, Haiti, this building comprises three floors, each with a distinct purpose: a cooperative business; a training and community center; and a guesthouse for receiving trainers and trainees from Haiti and abroad.

This facility will make it possible for students to receive vocational training in a variety of skills, preparing them for the jobs and industries that will create economic growth in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Baocia Locals Learn How to Build

Sherman Balch, Steve Poulos and Avery Pratt at the groundbreaking ceremony.

We Need Your Support!

Please consider making a donation towards Extollo's training programs today. Give Haitians the chance to learn valuable trade skills and rebuild their community.

Extollo trained people from the community of Baocia to build this structure and provided needed jobs in the process.

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