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Leogane Orphanage

An orphanage, a school, a church and a clinic:

Such hope for the future, but now what?

The Leogane Orphanage of the Dezman Fleury Foundation in Leogane, Haiti, is located 18 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Prior to the earthquake, the Foundation operated:

  • An orphanage of 38 girls

  • A low cost school for 650 kids

  • A church

  • A Medical Clinic that provides free services for the local community


But after the earthquake, not only were the buildings severely damaged — but the demand for services skyrocketed. In Haiti, our design & build and training processes meet many important needs. We are actually a reconstruction/trade school/employment development NGO. Our Beta site project was the three Dezman Fleury Foundation buildings – a girls orphanage and two caretaker homes. At this location we developed our system for the "design/build/supervise/train” concept that we currently use at our training center.


We did this by:

  • Paying Haitians to do the majority of the work — thus stimulating the local economy

  • Training the workers with employable skills: construction management, carpentry, concrete, masonry, electrical & plumbing

  • Teaching workers as they labor along side us — a hands-on trade school, much like an apprenticeship

One of our plumbers show Haitians workers how the leach field and septic tank systems work.

We Need Your Support!

Please consider making a donation towards Extollo's training programs today. Give Haitians the chance to learn valuable trade skills and rebuild their community.

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