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A Class Project Brings Masonry Skills to the Next Level

After two weeks of classroom training and masonry practice in the shop area, the students break into 3 teams to apply their new skills working on a class project. For two weeks, they will gain on-the-job experience building a masonry wall. Sherman Balch and long-time Extollo volunteer Michael Elola, are on-site this week teaching how to build the foundation for the wall.

Instruction begins in the classroom with Sherman explaining how to build a footer foundation and its importance.

The students listen intently with scaffolding erected from last week's training in the background.

Sherman identifies the tools they'll be using this week to tie rebar, pour and finish concrete and continue laying block.

In blue, Bob Lindquist provides sign language translation for the 5 deaf students from the Haiti Deaf Academy.

The pour begins, with Extollo's graduates showing the new students how it's done.

Haitian trainer, Timothee works the concrete as its poured.

It takes just a few days to complete the foundation. With Extollo graduates Timothee, Wilkens, and Jo-Nuis helping Sherman and Michael train, the work goes quickly and smoothly.

We can't say enough great things about Micheal Elola, who joined Sherman to help train this week. A valued Extollian who began this journey with us in 2010 and continues to serve Haiti with the utmost love and faith.

Another perfect sunset on the Côte des Arcadins, along Haiti's northwest coastline.

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