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Meet Mirlande

haitian women

Growing up with nine brothers and sisters, life in Haiti was a struggle for Mirlande. Her father was often out of work and without money for tuition she dropped out of school. As a mother with four children and little education, Mirlande sold avocados on the street. Some days she barely earned enough for a can of cornmeal. She would grow vegetables to put extra food on the table – but times were very difficult.

Then one day she learned about Extollo’s training program in her remote mountain community of Baocia. Of the 100 people who showed up to apply, Mirlande was one of only four women invited to join the training. That day she celebrated and thanked God. A top student, she passed all of her tests with ease and became certified as a mason, welder, and electrician. She has since renovated her home and she is the breadwinner for her extended family. Mirlande is redefining the role of women in her community. Today she holds her head up high, proud of her accomplishments and she is the top welder for Extollo.

Certified graduates of Extollo’s training sessions acquire the necessary skills to become apprentices in their craft and work to earthquake and hurricane resistant standards. As apprentices, they will earn a living wage and be able to help support their family, send their children to school, put food on the table, pay medical bills and eventually rebuild their communities. Your support not only helps someone like Mirlande, but it impacts her entire family and the local community.

haiti women

Extollo International is part of a worldwide movement to end extreme poverty. Our niche is construction training. Every dollar you donate and every in kind gift you provide results in sustainable change. Together, we can rebuild communities by helping people find a job, earn a living, and make plans for a better future.

Help someone like Mirlande who strives for the dignity of a job, not a handout.

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