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Welding Class is Underway!

We are so thankful to have had Bill Hegland and Roger Brownell with us at the Traing Center last week for a level 1 welding class.

They started the week getting their first hands on practice using a stick welder as well as learning to cut, press and bend the steel. Bill was happy with the potential he saw in the students, even on day 2!

All week, the instructors not only teach skills, but they stress the importance of safety on the job site. Friday, the students took a safety test and each passed with 100%!

At the end of the week, American professors Bill and Roger headed back to the States. Once again we want to say thank-you for the time and expertise they gave at the Training Center all week. But, the Welding Training is far from over! Our Haitian Trainers (professors in training who have already completed this class) will take the lead from here to complete the class project this week. Bill and Roger were very impressed with our trainers and believe they are very close to teaching this level 1 class on their own!

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