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Core Mission: Training

Haiti has a serious gang problem.
  • Around 200 armed gangs operate nationwide, with half concentrated in the capital.

  • Two major rival coalitions temporarily joined forces to oppose potential foreign intervention.

  • Gangs have historically been linked to powerful figures, but now operate more independently.

  • They're better equipped, more organized, and fund themselves through criminal activities.

Meet Mackda

Many young men who join gangs do so out of desperation. They have limited to no education, no job, no hope for a positive future.

Mackda (pictured above) has lived in the Bercy area since his childhood. In his early 20s, he joined a gang. He had a gun and often got manipulated by others to block main roads, burn tires and threaten people. Convinced by Wilkens, one of our employees at the time, Mackda decided to take a masonry class and then another class in concrete and forms. This wise choice changed Mackda’s life. Now, he finds Masonry jobs from time to time and a couple of days per week, he works for Extollo as a groundskeeper.

With the money he earned from these new jobs, he invested in livestock. Now, he lives with his family in dignity and provides for his needs. Mackda is among other gang members in Bercy who have benefited from our training programs.

We teach and train people to rebuild their own communities. By participating in the process of “raising up” buildings, we believe dignity and self-respect can be instilled and restored. Extollo helps communities build permanent homes, churches and schools using local labor, readily available local materials, and International earthquake and hurricane building standards.

As We Build...

​We create jobs, training nationals with employable skills

We stimulate local economies, employing nationals in our projects

We develop men and women of character

How We Do It

Using our design/build techniques and vast experience in construction, development, and training, we train students from all over the country to build high-quality structures that are cost effective, expandable in size to fit different needs, and earthquake and hurricane resistant where needed.

Current Situation
  • The Transitional Presidential Council, seeking to pave the way for an election in Haiti, appointed an interim Prime Minister on May 28th.

  • Cautious hope in Bercy. Haiti National Police are starting to receive equipment from the US. International aid and police force enhance their confidence in getting control over the gangs.

  • While our Bercy staff is exhausted with months of fear and worry, they can't wait to get back to work and a feeling of normalcy. We are looking forward to the day we can reopen our Bercy campus for training.

  • Pivoting energy to the north. Thanks to your generous support, Extollo's Construction Manager is visiting the northern part of the country gaining information on a possible satellite location for another training center that could open as early as this fall!

  • Interim Prime Minister, Gary Conille, is eagerly working towards welcoming the Multinational Security Support mission led by the Kenyan police.

Join the Crew!

Our impact wouldn't be possible without YOU!

Extollo's strength lies in collaboration. Just like one piece fitting perfectly into a larger puzzle,  your involvement creates a significant ripple effect.  The reality is, most of our students can't afford the full cost of our high-quality training.

This is where the CREW steps in.

As a passionate community, CREW members provide scholarships that empower ambitious Haitians to elevate their careers, families, and communities.  Each student contributes a portion, while crew members' monthly donations (any amount from $10 upwards) bridge the gap.

Join the CREW and make a lasting difference in Haiti!

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1 Comment

Thank you for the update. Continued prayers for the staff, employers and employees of Extollo. Things are beginning to look a little more promising. Prayers for the safety of all of Haiti. ❤️

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