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Extollo in the News

Since the earthquake in southern Haiti, we have received a lot of interest from news and industry organizations. And while it can be exciting to get the attention, we have been very intentional about not “selling” ourselves to somehow benefit financially from the earthquake. For in truth (and as we’ve said on numerous occasions) we are not a disaster-relief organization.

Our focus is long term, sustainable change through skill development in the construction trades, economic development through jobs in the construction industry, and bringing earthquake-resistant homes to the housing market - particularly to those who need them the most. Thus we are working hard to prevent innocent lives being lost to the next natural disaster in Haiti.

And our message is resonating. People who want to really help Haiti for the long term recognize that better skilled workers, more jobs, and safer housing is the best way to a better future for the people of Haiti. The future of Haiti is Haitian - and a stronger Haiti should be (and is) in the hands of Haitian men and women with the skills to build structures resilient to natural disasters of any kind.

This moment has given us the opportunity to share with the world our story and our mission - and how that mission will bring about long-term, sustainable change in the lives of our students, our alumni, their families, and their communities.

Keith and Sherm were invited to host a roundtable discussion at the Tilt-up Concrete Association Annual Convention in St. Louis:

Here’s a sample of some of the stories being told about our mission:

Extollo Bringing Tilt-up Construction Technology to Haiti,” Tilt-up Today, August 26, 2021

How to help Haiti now: 12+ charities on the frontlines,“ National Christian Foundation

EWTN News Nightly - 8/18/2021, Haiti Left in Devastation Following 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

ABC7 Nightly News - 8/20/2021

Search for post on 8/20/2021 - has video segment featuring Extollo’s work in Haiti

And interesting articles about other organizations involved in construction in Haiti

Build Health International

Build Change

Other articles of interest

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Sep 20, 2021

Praise God that others are beginning to see and support the work that you are doing. I love reading your impact reports on how many Haitians are learning how to build safer homes and buildings! May God open the eyes of many more and bless you and your endeavors abundantly! Pam Lash


Sep 18, 2021

Praise God for all the wonderful things that Extollo is doing to help Haitians in such a positive way!! God bless each & every one of you!!

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