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Impact Report - April 2022


This month we had a lot of good progress on campus with our tilt-up, metal fabrication, and training activities. The start of the month saw Extollo founder, Sherman Balch, and a number of volunteers working on multiple projects on campus, and Extollo Construction Manager, Jeff Ballard, had his metal fab team producing a lot of output. Extollo President, Keith Cobell, was also on campus this month to connect with an ex-pat staff member we were recruiting and to present to the campus team a new "career path" staff structure. We had a big win with our training program with the relaunch of our Electrical Level 1 class after a long hiatus. Our team continues to grow with the addition of two new staff. Another big win happened this month with the donation of a 40-ton crane, generously gifted by a construction company in Washington State. Lastly, our prayers are much needed as Port-au-Prince saw a significant rise in gang violence at the end of the month.


  • Electrical Level 1 - You may recall from the last Impact Report that we started an electrical class at the end of March which was completed in April. Each student was required to properly wire an outlet and a light fixture to pass. All 13 students in this exceptional group passed and received a grade of 90% or higher! - We are extremely grateful for electrical trainer, Dan Schulze, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for teaching made this such a success. - There is already a waiting list for the next class!

  • Masonry Level 1 - The class began on April 25th with 15 students. Trainers Yves Jean and Mynelson Louis were joined by new assistant trainer Bensky Dorreus.


  • Welding fabrication students showed their capabilities in building the roof for the metal fabrication building, steel forms for the tilt-up prototype house panels, and a roof extension for the training center. This fabrication work continues to introduce students to new techniques not taught in Welding Level 1.

  • This month, students practiced GMAW and FCAW welding, in addition to learning new metal cutting, punching and shearing methods using a horizontal band-saw, oxy-fuel torch, plasma cutter, and the ironworker.

  • With US trainer, Jeff Ballard, off-campus for a few weeks, fabricators were organized into teams with leads, giving them an opportunity to independently plan, schedule, and execute projects...a great step towards sustainability and Haitian leadership.


  • Fabrication of A-frame panel storage for the tilt-up operations.

  • Fabricated a new Extollo-branded front grill for the concrete mixer using the CNC / plasma cutter.

  • Fabricated and installed a roof extension on the Metal Fab Facility to cover the storage area behind the facility.


  • Poured security wall panels

  • Set house panels, installing bolts and attaching all form boards to each other and to the casting slab

  • Assembled rebar mats for security walls and houses, including setting up a jig for fabrication

  • Layout of prototype houses


  • Our new tire changer was used to change the tires on our neighbor, MBO/Lifesong's, truck.

Check out this interview with Jeff Ballard, our metal fab facility leader and welder instructor extraordinaire!

This month, we welcomed two new people to the Extollo team and we are so excited to introduce them to you!

Javier Calero

Javier responded to our job advertisement on the ACI (American Concrete Institute) job board and, after being interviewed, visited the Training Center Campus in Haiti for a couple of weeks to work on the tilt-up operations. After a successful two weeks, and spending a good amount of time with both Sherman and Keith, Javier was offered a position with Extollo and he accepted. Javier's official title is "Project Engineer and Quality Control Inspector" and he will be focusing on all things concrete with our tilt-up operations. The relocation process for Javier and his wife, Huguette, from Guatemala to Haiti has begun and we hope to have them on campus sometime in May.

Peter Lee Pierre-Louis

After proving himself as an interpreter and assistant in the Electrical Level 1 class, Peter Lee Pierre-Louis joined the Trade School team as an Administrative Assistant. He comes to Extollo with nine years of accounting and coordinator experience with other NGO's and he is fluent in English. We're very excited to have him join the team. He will receive training over the next couple of months to become familiar with the trade school's operations. Peter will expand our alumni association offerings, and help us keep up with our expanding Level 1 class schedule including our EIPP (Extollo in Port-au-Prince) program and other administrative tasks such as database management and communications.

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