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Impact Report - April 2023


  • Completed first Level 1 Metal Fabrication Class on-site

  • Philanthropy through continued water distribution and new partnerships

  • A special invitation

Metal Fabrication Practicum

A brand new Level 1 Metal Fabrication class has been completed, and our first two graduates can now add "Metal Fabrication Skills" to their resumes.

Why it Matters:

Our Haitian staff received many hours of on-the-job training before Jeff Ballard moved back to the States, making it possible for this class to be the first class completely taught by our Haitian staff without first being taught by expat staff. This is a huge accomplishment and will give our Training Center even more possibilities moving forward.

Going Deeper:

Given the state of the country, the roads have been controlled by gangs making it nearly impossible to get expat staff to the Training Center or to hold regular classes. Students who don't live in the same area as the Training Center have had similar issues.

Trade School & Construction Team Training Videos

A new project was kicked off this month to create training videos that will raise construction standards in Haiti by teaching best practices in Haitian Creole.

Going Deeper: Not everyone is physically able to travel to the Extollo Training Center, and not every construction company has access to quality training tools. Extollo is excited to begin developing a series of Training Videos to be used in the classroom or shop as well as distributed through social media. This new project will also give our staff new skills in video production.

Maintenance Around The Training Center

Even when regular classes aren't continuing on campus, we have constant maintenance happening. A couple of local staff are still able to get to campus to make sure everything stays in working order. From checking on the garden, repairing generators and roof leaks to cleaning and maintaining our water filters, there is always work to be done!

Word is Spreading About Tilt-Up

Despite the situation in the country, there is still an interest and demand for tilt-up products.

  • We continue to expand the house designs and options for customers

  • A 3D "walk-through" of the new 3-bedroom design was created by MSAADA Architects and is almost complete.


  • Drinking water distributions were suspended for one week during April out of extreme caution of reported gang activity nearing the area.

  • Once resumed, another local organization offered their truck and driver to help with deliveries, allowing us to double the capacity of each load.

  • Even with all of our water distribution, the staff arrived to a full cistern at the end of the month. We are so thankful for the rain!

  • Throughout this year, Extollo has developed a stronger relationship with the Haiti National Police in both neighboring villages.

  • During April, 60 gallons of diesel fuel, 6,000 gallons of cistern water, and 400 gallons of drinking water were provided for the local police.

Thank you for continuing to remember Haiti in your prayers. While the unrest and unknown has continued past what we imagined, we still have hope that there is a bright future for Haiti.

Check out the Prayer Page on our website for more specific ways to pray. We also encourage you to write short prayers and notes of encouragement to our staff and email them to us so that we can pass them on. Most of our staff speak English well enough to understand your notes in English, but if needed, we can translate them before sending.

Are you in the Michigan area? We would love to have you join us for a meet and greet with former Haiti Directors, the Janofski's, as they host Extollo President, Keith Cobell on June 3rd. If you're in the area and would like more information, please send an email to for an invite!

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