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Impact Report - August 2023

Two graduates/practicum students working in the Metal Fabrication Shop.


Even in the midst of a further deteriorating security situation in Haiti, the team finds workarounds to keep pushing our many initiatives forward.

  • Level 1 Masonry returns to campus

  • Tilt-up projects move forward

  • Extollo continues to give back to the community

Trade School

In August, we were able to hold our first Level 1 Masonry class of 2023! Trainers Yves, Mony and Tom led eleven students during this class. One June welding graduate, Julmice, returned to Extollo to learn another trade. Our US-based team was also able to follow along for the first time with our live-stream capabilities due to Starlink and newly installed cameras in the Training Center.


Graduates and staff are receiving practicum hours as they document the tilt-up process to be used in Concrete Level 1 courses. They have also completed the Haitian Creole version of "How to Read a Construction Drawing" that will be used in the seminar for alumni and others to interpret masonry, concrete and electrical plans.


Metal Fabrication:

The Metal Fabrication team has been busy this past month. Here are a few of their projects:

  • Made preparations for the roofing on the tilt-up houses

  • Installed more security fencing around Auto Care and Metal Fab Facilities

  • Designed and fabricated a solar panel racking system for an off-campus job


August Projects:

  • Poured concrete porch and floor on Tilt-up house 1

  • Poured four test panels for the rock finish on security walls

Out of extreme caution for the security of our staff and those we are working with, we are unable to give details about certain projects we are working on in the community. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

  • Continued servicing vehicles of a local organization

  • Working on a solar installation project for a local organization

  • 3,000 gallons of water delivered to local organizations

  • 14,655 gallons of drinking water delivered to residents of Bercy (local village)

  • In partnership with another organization in Haiti, we were able to release a 40' container of Kids Against Hunger food packs from customs. Extollo received four pallets (over 60,000 meals) to distribute to our local area. Orphanages in our area received about 50,000 of those meals while the rest was divided between our staff to deliver to their communities.

Firefighter Graduation

The mayor invited Extollo to the graduation of 42 firefighters - the first group of its kind in our district!

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