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Impact Report - February 2021

This month was marked by the palpable increase in pace on numerous fronts, particularly preparations for the launch of the tilt-up, Metal Fabrication Facility, and Auto Care Facility business ventures. US-based staff were purchasing, tracking, organizing, unloading and loading, and accounting for hundreds of items being sent to campus in three (3) 20’ shipping containers. Junior (General Manager in Haiti) and the Haiti team worked on preparations for the receipt of shipments, and campus and program improvements along with a Masonry Level 1 class.

Masonry Level 1 Class

15 applicants were selected and enrolled among 22 candidates. The class started and ended with all 15. Among them, 12 passed and two (2) ended as top students/heads of the class. Even in the midst of significant political and social unrest due to controversy around the presidential election (and two (2) carnival holidays during this period) the staff made it happen and the students never missed a day.

Junior and Stephano led the daily devotions and there were good interactions with the biblical readings and conversations about Integrity, Responsibility, Forgiveness, and Love (among other subjects).

Based on an assessment done by Alicia and Louthmy, it was determined that most of our current laptops were outdated and not functioning well, decreasing staff efficiency. In gearing us up for the many projects in 2021, and to get new

staff on our digital tools, we purchased three (3) refurbished laptops for only $185 each.

Given this deep discount we were able to also purchase a fourth laptop for the GM as well. The laptops have arrived in Haiti with unexpected upgrades as well. The Dell Latitude E6520 came with i7 processors and 1 terabyte hard drive. The upgrade will most definitely make an impact on our team’s productivity. For all this, our friend Scott from Red Mountain Laptops is to thank.

Sherman Balch, Jeff Ballard, Alicia Vega, and other team members have been hard at work in purchasing, accounting for, unloading/loading, and tracking items for the tilt-up, metal fab, and auto care initiatives.

We required a third container to fit all the materials for the auto shop and metal fab equipment purchased through the HEDCO grant. Container #1 has shipped and is on its way to campus while container #2 and #3 should begin its journey to campus around March 5. Take a look at this short video from Sherman as the containers were being loaded in North Carolina.

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Mar 08, 2021

Praise God & a huge thank you to all of the Extollo staff for the wonderful progress being made! May God continue to keep each one of you safe & bless you!!

Charlotte Miller


Loved that video of Sherman in his element! Gonna be an exciting year in Haiti for Extollo!


Mar 07, 2021

WOW how exciting!! So many great things happening!! Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you guys for ALL that you are doing for Haiti. ❤️

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