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Impact Report - February 2022


The pace has really started to pick up now that it is safer for US staff to travel to campus. Sherman and the Construction Team are making good progress on numerous projects, and Jeff Ballard and the welding team are staying very busy in the Metal Fab Facility in addition putting on to two welding classes this month and making some big improvements in the Welding Level 1 class structure.


  • The Extollo team created individual welding stations for each student! The new class configuration accommodated eight students and gave each student considerably more time on a welding machine.

  • The latest welding class recognized an outstanding student, Smith Ahu Duplessy. His leadership and excellent welding skills earned him an Associate Trainer position in the next class.

  • Jeff Ballard has been working one-on-one with the training staff, giving them direction and guidance to improve their technique. We are very grateful for these Train-The-Trainer sessions leading to sustainability and excellence in our training courses.


  • The Practicum program kicked into high gear in February. Youwens Almidor and Gregory Georges worked in the Metal Fab Facility under Jeff Ballard's watchful eye, completing the rolling gate for the security wall that they began in January. If you missed the video, you can see it here.

  • Steel forms to be used in tilt-up and knee trusses that will form the new roof for the metal fabrication building were also made. This work required learning a new welding technique, GMAW, also known as wire welding.

  • During Sherman's trip to Haiti during the first week of February, a full roster of 16 alumni worked on various projects to move forward preparations for the tilt-up operations, including mixing concrete to test out the new batch plant capabilities, pouring and finishing concrete at the metal fab building, and painting forms.

Video by Michael Elola:

  • A concrete pad was poured this month, connecting the Metal Fab Facility with the Training Center.

  • Auto Care Facility - anchors for the auto lift were expanded to accommodate new location for the lift.

  • Restroom Facility - The interior - sinks, mirrors, lockers, painting, etc. was completed. The bathrooms are now fully functional and being used regularly by staff and students.

  • A water filtration system was installed at the Training Center, and now students are provided a water bottle to fill up as needed. This is significant as we no longer have to go off campus to purchase potable water.

Follow along on our hunt for water bottles across campus and catch a glimpse of the new water filtration system! Another big thanks to Michael Elola for the great videos he provides each visit.

This week, our nation celebrates Women in Construction Week while the rest of the world recognizes International Women's Day on March 8th. We want to take this opportunity to highlight one of the women who works with Extollo, Vanessa Jules. Take a look at the interview below!

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