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Impact Report - January 2022


Thank you to everyone who gave during our year end "Raise Up" Campaign. We are so thankful for the generous gifts that help Extollo continue to move forward every year. We started this year off with a bang including a Level 1 Masonry Training, Level 2 Practicum work, and multiple visitors to campus.

We are excited to share that, just as in past years, Extollo has earned a 2022 Platinum Seal of Transparency with Guidestar/Candid! This means you can continue to support our work with trust and confidence!


  • Extollo grad and now trainer, Yves Jean, led the first Masonry Level 1 class of the year. Following improvements to the masonry practical exam put in place last October, a significant improvement in wall construction was noticed.

  • Top performing students are continually monitored to identify new candidates to join the construction company as apprentices and the training program as assistant trainers.

  • Three graduates have been chosen to join the Practicum Program and are receiving continued welding fabrication instruction under US Welding instructor, Jeff Ballard. This Practicum introduces Extollo's first Level 2 instruction. This month, the team built a rolling gate, which required planning and layout, cutting, cleaning, fit-up, and sheet metal fabrication skills.

Check out this video update of the Security Gate from when Keith was on campus last month!


  • The casting slab was made flat by days of grinding.

  • Once Sherman and guests arrived on campus, they began dialing in the hopper, ensuring the right mix of cement and aggregates. Some pads were poured, along with some test cylinders.

  • Former Extollo Executive Director, Tom Perko, joined Sherman on a trip to Haiti and helped with numerous projects .

  • Graduates Roody Bayard and Harry Ferdinand caught the attention of the team and were recruited from the last two masonry classes to join the Practicum program. Harry Ferdinand received training in concrete, bending and cutting rebar, building forms, and helping to place concrete from the batch plant. He passed masonry with a Level 9 out of 10 and was top of his class. He studied engineering at a University in Haiti and has prior residential construction experience. He is being assessed for his capacity to possibly become an Extollo trainer!

  • Roody graduated from the January masonry class and comes to Extollo with certification from a Haitian vocational school in mechanics, electrical and HVAC as well as 4 years prior work experience. Sherman and Jeff have been impressed and enrolled him in the upcoming Welding Level 1 class to expand his skills.

Thanks to Michael Elola for this Update Video:

Do you know any skilled construction workers or auto mechanics who may have an interest in visiting Haiti?

Extollo International is looking for people to join their team to help oversee construction projects and training. (masonry, carpentry, electrical, concrete, welding, tilt-up, auto mechanics, etc.) This could be on multiple short-term trips, long-term commitments, and anything in between. We are continually looking for the right people to join us!

Even if you are not the person we're looking for, you may have connections that we don't. If you know a church or organization that would be willing to include this information in their newsletter, bulletin, and/or email communication, please feel free to reach out to our President, Keith Cobell for more information at Thank you SO much!

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