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Impact Report - January 2024

8 of the 13 panels poured in January


  • The Trade School had a great start to the new year with a Welding class, development of the Auto Care Manual and prepping for the February Masonry Class.

  • Big accomplishments in tilt-up and our Metal Fabrication team continues to impress!

  • Starting the new year with improved procedures and important new staff benefits.

Welding Level 1

We kicked off the new year strong with 8 students graduating from Level 1 Welding! Welding classes are kept smaller so each student gets a chance to have quality, hands-on training and experience in the welding lab.

Patch & Sacking: Tilt-Up Houses

The Tilt-Up team started patching and sacking the walls of both Tilt-Up houses. This is a technique that is completely new for the team. The lessons we're learning along the process are being recorded to be included in the concrete curriculum in the future.


Thirteen wall panels were poured this month. This may sound like a small amount, but it represents the highest volume our campus-based team has batched and mixed without expat experts on site! Way to go team!!

Coming Up...

English classes will be returning to campus in February! We have contracted with English teacher, Kender Sainflinat, to provide instruction to the campus team. The course will focus on Construction English, in addition to English fundamentals.

New Projects

Many of the projects on campus will eventually be used as a way to generate income. The tilt-up/concrete team is working on concrete furniture, wall textures and planters while our metal fabrication team has been busy fabricating a ladder rack for the Ford Ranger, porch frames for shading and shelving units for organization and storage.

Haiti Business Operations

  • Bereca continues to do a fantastic job recruiting students for our classes during a very difficult and unstable time.

  • New marketing materials have been created to promote Level 1 classes.

The Extollo Board and staff spent the month re-working our Character Development program into a company-wide Leadership Development program.


Youwens, our lead welding trainer, has taken Ricardo under his wing as Assistant Welding Trainer. This past class, Ricardo took a turn at the front of the class, working on his teaching and presentation skills with the hopes that he may lead the class in the future.

Excellence in Auto Care

A note from Ken Waterhouse, Auto Care Director:

"The month showcased our proactive problem-solving, skill enhancement, and strategic planning. Our commitment to preventative maintenance and continuous improvement reflects our dedication to sustaining a high standard of performance. As we await the arrival of ordered parts and new tires, we are poised to keep our fleet in optimal condition, contributing to seamless and uninterrupted operations."


The campus staff noticed a root breaking through the wall of the cistern. They were able to drain the cistern, repair the crack and fix the root problem, clean, sanitize and refill the cistern.

Updates to Haiti Staff Compensation and Benefits

With the inflation rate, currency exchange rate fluctuation, and the construction job market changes, we made market rate adjustments for all campus-based compensation. In addition to that, we launched new benefits for employees including a retirement savings plan and mental health support. With all the many challenges the campus team faces day in and day out, mental health support is vital.

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