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Impact Report - June 2021

The month of June saw a lot of good progress on multiple fronts, particularly with our construction operations. By God’s grace (and a lot of effort by the Extollo team) the three shipping containers full of equipment reached campus safely. Additionally, we contracted with Steve Poulos, who has worked with Extollo in the past, to take lead overseeing the building of the batch plant retaining wall and the security wall behind the staff houses. We also contracted with a like-minded social enterprise to install a new, much larger and more sophisticated, solar power system at the training center – a major upgrade from what we currently have that will literally power our expansion. We also made really good progress on the Restroom Facility, with it now functional and about 80% complete. Lastly, our training program continues its good momentum with the Practicum, EIPP, and alumni programs.

The first week of welding training was met by many challenges. We had a great group of students including Youances, the husband of our administrative assistant, Jessica. However, Tropical storm Elsa, with possible strong winds and rain hitting gave us a scare. Luckily Elsa, did not impact the campus. Unfortunately, the second week of this training was interrupted by the tragic assignation of President Jovenel Moise. Read More...

After MONTHS of preparation and waiting...the containers of tilt-up materials arrived on campus. Great job to everyone who helped plan and coordinate this task!

The mini concrete batch plant is making progress. Here, the staff are digging trenches for a retaining wall that will be just above the plant. The mini batch plant will be where we set up our conveyor belt and and hoppers to load the concrete truck with the proper proportions.

On a 4 acre campus there is always something to do to keep the site looking clean and professional. Workers have started landscaping around staff houses and cleaning up rock piles and broken blocks. These broken blocks get re-purposed and used as back fill and foundation for retaining walls.

General Manager, Junior Medard, is out from behind the desk and helping with the trusses for the metal fab building. He is a man of many talents and we are so grateful for his leadership!

400 gallon fuel tank set and installed to use with a generator

A Father's Day Reflection - written by Keith Cobell

“Many years ago I was a mountain guide for Summit Adventure, leading a course of fathers and their children. The course was called “Adventure in Fatherhood” and it was one of my favorite courses to lead as I got to watch and be a part of an experience I never had with my father. My dad died when I was very young and so the Adventure in Fatherhood course was my chance to in some small way live vicariously through these fathers and their son or daughter...." Read More

From a recent trip, Craig Janofski gives a quick tour of the staff and guest houses on campus. You will enjoy seeing one of the houses built by our students and learning how we use water and electricity.

Find out how you can travel to Haiti with Extollo.

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