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Impact Report - June 2023

Students (black t-shirts) with Instructors (red t-shirts) from the most recent Welding Level 1 Class hold their graduation certificates.


One of our top priorities is taking steps to cautiously broaden our operations so that we more completely fulfill our mission in Haiti.

  • Trade school re-opens with Welding Level 1

  • Welding Fabrication taken to new levels

  • Starlink (internet) on campus opens up many opportunities

Trade School

Last September, a Welding Level 1 class was cancelled due to unrest. This past month, after almost a year of waiting, the team was able to complete the class. Our Haitian instructors did a refresher training to brush up on their Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) trainer skills. Then, they were able to fill every seat for the class!

  • All 8 students passed the class

  • Four top-notch students

  • One potential future trainer candidate

Despite the disruptions in the country, students want to attend school and move their lives forward. In response to this demand, plans are in the works to launch another Welding class next month, which will be followed by Masonry training.


Auto Care

The Auto Care team traveled to a local organization to do an 80-point inspection of their vehicles for assessment. Overall, 9 vehicles and 2 motorcycles were inspected.

The team has been busy cleaning and organizing the facility and additional security was also added to the Auto Care facility, including wire on the security wall behind the building.


Metal Fabrication Team

The Metal Fabrication Team worked on numerous projects this month under coaching and guidance of Jeff Ballard and Sherman Balch. Despite having to be a geographically dispersed team, Sherman and Jeff have been able to provide quality virtual training from the States with the team leads to build up their capacity and continue to push forward. The Metal Fabrication team is meeting fabrication goals and welding to the excellence of Extollo standards.

June Projects:

  • Rebar Storage Rack

  • Shoring Storage Rack

  • Plywood Storage Rack

  • Metal pallets

  • Shelving for Auto Care

  • Trusses for Auto Care Facility

  • Sun shield for meters

  • Post for cameras that will allow virtual real-time training from remote locations


Starlink on Campus!

For as long as Extollo has been in Haiti, consistent, reliable internet has been a challenge. About a year ago, our organization signed up for Starlink service on our campus. This past month we were able to transport the Starlink hardware to campus.

Since it was plugged in, the internet has been blazingly fast and has opened up many opportunities for us. The staff communicates daily through Zoom video calls and once a week enjoys Extollo Chit Chat, where our Haitian staff practice their English and our American staff work on their Creole.


Water Distribution

This month, we distributed 9,040 gallons of drinking water to the community of Bercy.

In case you missed it - here is a video of both the tilt-up security wall and one of our prototype houses being erected on campus.

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