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Impact Report - March 2021

March saw the initial steps forward into the big plans we have for 2021. This month Jeff and Teressa Ballard returned to campus, all three of our 20’ containers – filled to the brim with tilt-up, metal fab, and auto care equipment – were packed and transported to Florida where they await shipping to Haiti, our training program and campus construction projects are starting to sync within our new Practicum program, and new and prospective staff are beginning to find their way to our mission. As you will see below, a lot of wheels are in motion – and we are grateful that there is a strong organizational culture and shared sense of purpose in the vision of Extollo.

Welding Level 1 Class

The class began and finished with 10 students - it was a very advanced class. Only one older student did not pass all of the tests. During the classroom instruction, the team used the pdf version of the manual projected on screen and it worked well to help students follow along even better. Videos were researched and added to the curriculum and proved to be a successful addition to the course. The videos give the students an idea how to do things before beginning practice; how to set up the machine, electrode, welding positions, etc. Whether the videos are in French or English does not make a big difference. One of our Haitian instructors, Stephano, stops the video and provides section by section translated instruction as needed.

Junior and Stephano led daily devotions before each class and there were good interactions with the biblical readings and conversations about Integrity, Responsibility, Forgiveness, and Love (among other subjects).

Extollo is always looking for staff and volunteers to join the team and help advance our mission in Haiti. Among other positions, we are actively looking for an Auto Mechanic and Concrete Foreman.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, send an email to

The main solar power battery bank (in the training center) went out this month, triggering a full reassessment of

our electrical power system after a professional evaluation by a solar power company called 10Power. This has led us to completely redesign our solar (and now also wind!) power generation and we are working with 10Power to design a system that will meet the needs of our impending growth and expansion.

Expand your worldview!

Join us in Haiti on an expedition of discovery. Meet with our Haitian staff, business and civic leaders, and our Haitian students to learn about life in Haiti and its rich history. Learn first hand the manifold dynamics that brought Haiti to where it is today which continue to dog its potential. You will see many things on your trip, but not from the vantage point of a mere tourist. You will be invited into pain, hopes, joys, challenges, and disappointments. For only when we first listen and learn can we be emptied of our sense of control enough to receive insight from on high.

If you're interested in possibly joining a trip to Haiti in either 2021 or 2022, click here for more information!

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