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Impact Report - March 2022


This month was a very busy one, culminating in a big push forward on campus with Sherman and a group of volunteers focusing on tilt-up operations, and a restart of our Electrical Level 1 program. Also notable was the number of alumni gaining more experience through our Practicum program. Our tilt-up and metal fabrication infrastructure took a significant step forward this month, along with progress with some key facilities improvements and the addition of some really cute kittens. We began building an impressive group of advisors and have made progress in the search for a candidate for an expat staff role with our tilt-up operations.


  • The month began with a second Welding Level 1 class taught by Jeffte Fenelus and Joel Belus under the guidance of expat, Jeff Ballard. Maintaining the smaller class size and increased number of welding stations, eight students attended and all passed the class.

  • Graduates Smith Ahu Duplessy and Vanessa Jules joined as Associate Trainers (Trainers in Training). Recent welding graduate, Maudeler Brutus was promoted to assistant welder on the welding fabrication team.

  • All month, the Trade School Team, along with Electrical Trainer Dan Schulze, prepared for the March 28th Electrical Level 1 course. This expanded class will equip students with the skills to execute basic residential electrical. New curriculum includes a revised manual, quiz, written and practical test, and daily practical exercises.

  • The construction team, led by Sherman and Jeff, built an electrical training wall that will allow students to safely practice wiring with actual electrical components used in residential electrical.


  • Since the beginning of the year, we have employed and trained 19 alumni through 13 projects. Just over 50% of these trainees have worked in 4 or more disciplines this quarter.

  • Stanley Clotaire, graduate from the PAP masonry class last fall, was hired onto HOM's Papatriotes Project. This is the build of a 2-story youth center for a church affiliated with Haiti Outreach Ministries.


  • New roof - trusses were fabricated and erected, and sheeting was installed, giving the Metal Fab Facility a permanent roof. This was a huge project for our team.

  • Tilt-up - The team fabricated the forms for the exterior panels for the houses - 20+ form boards. They also fabricated the door frames for both tilt-up houses.


  • Set forms for the security wall panels - placed directly on the ground (not a casting slab) with a gravel surface, so that the panel will have a gravel finish. Ten panels were laid out in preparation for our first concrete pour in April.


  • The installation of the auto lift is complete for the new Auto Mechanics Facility. We want to give a huge shout out to Christian Brothers Automotive for making this possible!


  • A 20' concrete walkway was poured, linking the Training Center to the Metal Fabrication Facility, allowing for heavy equipment and materials to be much more easily wheeled/transported between them.

  • New dusk to dawn lights were installed at the Training Center, mitigating issues related to lights needing to be turned on and off each day.

  • Spike rails began to be installed on the security fence behind the staff houses.

We had an influx of volunteers on campus this month and we are so grateful! A huge thank you to all of our March volunteers for sharing their time and expertise:

Javier Calero, Nicaragua: Tilt-Up

Roger Brownell, Boise, ID: Welding Fabrication

Cort Souther, Spokane, WA: Tilt-Up

Dan Schulze, St. Louis, MO: Electric

Richard Green, Lexington, KY

Richard was also on campus, but unfortunately, we were too busy to grab a photo.

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