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Impact Report - May 2022


This was a busy month for the Trade School, with three classes taking place back to back - a key test of our training program if we're to reach our three-year strategic goal to teach three classes every month. Additionally, we began planning two alumni events for Quarter 3, and Vanessa Jules came on board as Extollo's first female lead trainer. The campus team continued to grow in its leadership and the metal fabrication team really shined this month with numerous projects in motion or completed. Javier and Huguette Calero arrived on campus, along with the Ballard's return, and Javier was busy at work with concrete mix designs and testing. The transport logistics of the 40-ton crane came together and the crane will be heading to Haiti very soon!

EIPP (Extollo in Port-au-Prince):

Much anticipated Masonry Level 1 classes at the Port-au-Prince campus will likely be postponed until the Fall due to the security situation in the area. The plan to hold three training classes at Haiti Outreach Ministries in June and July has been tabled following an increase in unrest due to gang violence in the adjacent neighborhoods. Prayers for an end to this violence in Port-au-Prince are greatly needed.


  • Masonry Level 1 - The class was led by Yves Jean, Mynelson Louis, and new assistant trainer Bensky Borreus - There were 14 students and 13 graduates, with Laner Exavius, former vocational school student and civil engineer, and Frantzy Dorcelus at the top of the class. - We are working to source new hydrated lime. Being resourceful, we have been reusing the same mixture since 2016. This is a vital component for training mortar.

  • Welding Level 1 - 16 students started this class late May, completing it in early June

  • Electrical Level 1 - We welcome Dan Schulze to the Trade School's Advisory Board as electrical advisor. Dan has been integral to our electrical program and will be returning to the campus to do more training in June.

  • Character Development - Large banners outlining the character traits we teach during morning devotionals each day were hung in the Training Center

  • The roof for the metal fabrication building and the roof extension for the Training Center were completed in May by jeff's team of welding fabrication apprentices - all while Jeff was in the States. This was a tremendous accomplishment for the metal fab team!

  • An office for the Metal Fab was built this month, allowing us to keep the admin of our different operations in their own spaces.

  • Javier and Huguette Caleros are settling in and Javier is already busy working on concrete mix designs, mixing, etc. for our tilt-up operations.

  • The auto-care facility is used regularly for maintenance and repairs on our fleet.

This month, we worked on the logistics of transporting a 40-ton crane that we received as a donation from Wm Winkler Company, a construction company in Spokane, WA. A lot of effort went towards coordinating the transfer of ownership, logistics of transporting from WA to FL, and setting up the shipping to Haiti. We are so thankful for this incredible gift and know that it will help Extollo take huge steps forward as we continue our mission in Haiti.

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