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Impact Report - May 2023


A shift in focus from "What can't we do?" to "What can we do?" has moved things forward in an even greater capacity.

  • Trade school advances with new Video Training Program

  • Tilt-Up moves forward with 3D walk-through

  • Community Building continues with water distribution and grows to include auto maintenance on a fleet of vehicles from a local organization

We want to make sure you have the progress updates you need to confidently support our work with trust and confidence. Each year, we go through the process to renew our Seal of Transparency through GuideStar. Over the years, Extollo has progressed through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and has held the highest, Platinum status for the past seven years!

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Trade School

Automotive Shop is OPEN!

This month, we have made great strides in our Auto Care program. We partnered with a local organization and have begun servicing their ten vehicles. Through new vehicle and motorcycle inspection forms, our staff is learning how to inspect vehicles, diagnose issues and suggest repairs. A Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Training Manual is also in process. Christian Brothers Automotive has been a huge resource as we develop this new program.

Video Based Training Program:

The Trade School Team is in the process of creating videos for a new video-based training program. The goal is to expand Extollo's training capabilities and offer quality instruction in Haitian Creole at a time when it's challenging to offer classes on Extollo's campus. The first video, "How to Clean a Water Filter," is finished with storyboards for two more videos already developed.

Metal Fabrication:

After finishing the first-ever Haitian-led Metal Fabrication class (different from our welding class), the Trade School Team completed edits to the Metal Fabrication manual this month with help from Extollo staff, Youwens, and Bendy. These changes will prepare us to relaunch Level 1 Metal Fabrication as a 2-week class.


  • The Metal Fab team continues to work under Sherman and Jeff's leadership from the States to fabricate numerous projects related to tilt-up, the metal fab shop, and auto care. Metal fencing, racks to store metal tubing, and some general repairs are some metal fab projects completed this month.

  • Tilt-up is also moving forward as we are finalizing the first 3D walkthrough of the 2-bedroom house.

Community Building

  • In an effort to answer the question, "What CAN we do?" during this difficult time, we have begun an arrangement with a local organization to maintain their vehicle fleet.

  • This same organization also requested help installing a solar power system. Extollo will be the General Contractor for this project, and the organization has secured some funding to begin.

  • For the month of May, 10,430 gallons of drinking water were distributed to the community of Bercy, and 3,000 gallons of water were delivered to the police station in Cabaret.

Photos Around Campus

The grounds crew have done an amazing job maintaining the campus!

Extollo President, Keith Cobell, had the opportunity to travel and visit with a few supporters in Texas and Michigan at the end of May/beginning of June. We are grateful for all the partnerships Extollo has made over the years. Keith met with the HEDCO Foundation, Christian Brother's Automotive, and Vermeer Midwest.

The future looks bright with the support and encouragement of these partnerships and others like them.

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