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Impact Report - July 2023

Students (black t-shirts) with Instructors (red t-shirts) from the most recent Welding Level 1 Class hold their graduation certificates.


Things continue to ramp up with more training classes taking place, security/technology updates, and progress on the tilt-up house prototypes and Auto Care Facility.

  • Trade School & Construction Team projects move forward

  • Spiritual / Character Development continues to be at the forefront of all we do

  • Community Capacity Building is an important part of Extollo's mission

  • A Call to Pray for Haiti

Trade School

July held another Welding Level 1 class taught by Youwens and Gregory. The class had 7 students and a 100% pass rate. Three Extollo alum enrolled, including one female student. One of Extollo's current employees also enrolled in the course, finished top of the class and received the high initiative award!

The training team lost power part way through the class, but was able to work patiently with guidance from the US to troubleshoot and fix the problem. They were able to get power back up and running just in time for students to take their practical exams. It was a great example of collaboration and teamwork!


Auto Care

The Auto Care team continues to build the business operations: customer service process, invoicing in Quickbooks, and exploring solutions to supply chain challenges (sourcing parts in Haiti is complex).


Metal Fabrication Team

The Metal Fabrication Team continues to expand the Metal Fabrication Level 1 manual with a new chapter on oxyfuel cutting. In addition, work continued on scripts and storyboards for three training videos.

July Projects:

  • Major cleaning and organization of the Metal Fabrication Building

  • 2 benches for use on campus and to beta test for mass production as one of our products

  • Installed trusses on Auto Care Facility to assist in security


Campus Cameras Installed

In order to provide guidance from the US to the team on campus in Haiti, six cameras were installed at the Tilt-Up area, Auto Care Facility and Metal Fabrication shop. The US Team can now log into the cameras and provide support with real-time footage.


Water Distribution

This month, we distributed 12,450 gallons of drinking water to the community of Bercy.

  • Base rock added at Tilt-up House 2, preparing for concrete floor pour.

  • Underground plumbing for Tilt-Up House 1 is 90% complete, and 70% complete on Tilt-Up House 2.

  • Poured concrete floor in the main room of Tilt-Up House 1.

Character and spiritual development continue to be at the foundation of what Extollo does.

  • Staff in Haiti continue to meet at the beginning of each work day for 20 minutes to share a time of prayer and morning devotionals on topics such as "Communicating with Patience at Work" (Proverbs 19:11) and "Finish What you Start" (Ecclesiastes 7:8). These devotionals are led by different staff members each day.

  • The seven students in the Welding Level 1 class had Character Development training each morning, learning and discussion character traits based on biblical passages. Our training area has banners outlining the seven Extollo Character Traits as a reminder of the "Extollo Way."


Join us for a 20 minute virtual time of prayer for the Extollo team and the country of Haiti.

Wednesday, September 6th via Zoom


Please RSVP to get the Zoom link and reminders as we get closer to the call.

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