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Milestones to Success

So many things have come together this year to make it possible for Extollo to move forward with bringing Tilt-Up construction to Haiti.

As we lead up to our LIVE Annual Summit Zoom call, we want to share some of the milestones that have set Extollo up for success.

Having the right team is essential. Along with our current, amazing staff, we have added 13 people to our team this year making us stronger than ever!

Bendy Camille -

Trade School Administrative Assistant Bendy brings to this position 6 years prior NGO work experience as a loan manager, brand manager and advanced professional school teacher. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and he lives in Cabaret, right down the road from the Training Center.

Javier Calero -

Project Engineer/Quality Control Inspector Javier and his wife, Huguette, come to us from Guatemala. Javier is focusing on all things concrete with our tilt-up operations and we are so grateful for his expertise.

Jessica Jules -

Associate Trainer Having more trainers allows multiple classes to happen simultaneously at multiple locations as well as allows work to continue on campus while classes are in session.

Youwens Almidor -

Welder, Fabricator Youwens has been instrumental in fabricating products for our tilt-up operations. He has also been busy in his off time taking on jobs for customers outside of Extollo, like the decorative piece above this garage and security bars for the windows behind him.

Gregory Georges -

Welder, Fabricator Along with Youwens, Gregory has also been an amazing addition to the fabrication team. He has worked hard to make sure everything has been ready to go for our first tilt-up prototype houses and fence panels.

  • Multiple classes happening simultaneously at the Bercy campus helps us reach our goal of training 200+ students in 2022!

  • This year, we also reached a milestone of adding a second location for training. We are now offering masonry classes in Port au Prince!

  • More classes gives us access to more graduates which allows us to pick the best of the best for our crews! Photo 3 represents some of those Level 1 graduates who are joining our Tilt-up crew.

  • Javier Calero has moved to Haiti from Guatemala to train our tilt-up concrete crew.

  • Tyler, crane operator with Wm Winkler Co, has started training an apprentice on crane operations.

  • To support the further education of the concrete team, the trade school worked with concrete lead, Javier, to help develop Introduction to Plan Reading, an impromptu class that was taught two hours each day over the course of a week. This class was designed to give the concrete team a foundation when reading plans to build the tilt-up houses.

A dependable source of power is essential in bringing tilt-up to Haiti! In order to operate in the most responsible way possible, the training center uses generator, solar AND wind power.

Generators supply power to the welding fabrication facility as well as back up power to our staff/guest houses.

Solar panels and batteries supply power to our entire training center and admin offices. Take a look at this short video highlighting the solar system that was installed at the end of 2021!

Wind turbines that have been mounted on the water tower supply back up power during overcast days.

From people to equipment to facilities and more, this past year has been full of building the infrastructure needed to successfully bring tilt-up to Haiti. Below we will highlight just a few.

The Metal Fabrication Facility was finished, adding the necessary equipment for fabricating trusses and braces.

An Auto Care Facility was completed on site including a lift in order to perform maintenance on the growing Extollo fleet of vehicles and equipment.

The casting slab was poured, a conveyor belt, hopper, crane and mixing truck were shipped, fabricated and assembled and Tilt-Up operations are under way!

Make sure to join us for a 30 minute LIVE Zoom call and find out where we've been, where we are now and the exciting things that are coming in the near future!

Saturday, September 24th

4:30PM PST/7:30PM EST 20 min update followed with a time of Q&A

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