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Statement Regarding Preparing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Haiti

**EDITED TO ADD: As of March 9, the US Embassy confirmed that there are still no cases of Coronavirus in Haiti. This statement is regarding the precautions that Extollo is taking in relation to the virus. We are sorry for any misunderstanding.**

After careful consideration and much direction from our Haiti staff, Extollo has made the difficult decision to cancel our current welding course and postpone upcoming courses until Haiti is deemed low risk for COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are taking every precaution to eliminate the spread of this virus and are doing our part to educate and provide soap for our local community.

Internal procedures and protocols have been developed and implemented for our campus and we are working with local officials to help prepare them and the community for a potential outbreak. While we do not live by fear, we are taking every precaution as we know Haiti’s ability to respond to an epidemic like this will be difficult.

Extollo is keeping a close eye on this and will do all we can to help our local community, in collaboration with the local city council and NGOs, prepare for and respond to an outbreak of COVID-19.

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