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Want to unleash Haiti's potential to build a stronger future? There are many ways you can get involved today and encourage education.


Student Scholarships

This project will provide scholarship funds to 180 men and women to be certified through Extollo's vocational training programs in Welding, Masonry, Concrete, or Electric. Graduates can use their training to find jobs in the construction industry and on average earn 2x more than they did before being trained.


COVID-19 Campaign

Your gift will help provide an oxygen concentrator that will be donated to a local clinic or hospital once the threat of the virus is passed. Your gift also provides 50 hand washing stations to be placed around the Bercy community.


Join the Crew Campaign

The Crew is a community of committed Extollo monthly donors giving hope and support to families in Haiti through vocational training in construction trades. Your monthly donation is an investment in a lasting effort to build stronger structures and economic stability in Haiti. 

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Flood Alleviation Campaign

Each year, many houses are flooded due to the lack of proper infrastructure and drainage.  Extollo has begun work on a new canal in Bercy on the road leading to the Training Center, but needs approximately $1500 to finish the project. This canal will prevent flooding and reduce mosquito born diseases.


Ex-Pat Ministry

Ex-Pats (ex-patriots) serve a big role with Extollo. While we aim to empower and train Haitians, at this time, it is necessary to have Ex-Pats on site for quality control of construction projects until our Haitian staff has enough training and expertise. These positions range from short term (1-3 weeks), mid term (1-6 months) to long term (more than one year) commitments.

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US Operations

Our US Operations consists of full and part time employees who work behind the scenes to make Extollo run. From accounting to donor management, web design to administration, it takes a team to operate successfully.


Special Projects

These funds are reserved for special projects. Please indicate in the appropriate place what project you would like your donation to support.


Tools & Equipment

It is impossible to complete our training or projects without the proper tools and equipment. Thank you to all who donate to support these much needed supplies. 

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