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Impact Report - July 2022

Keith Cobell, Extollo President:

It is a gift and a grace that in the midst of significant challenges, we continue to move Extollo's mission forward. It is a testament to the fortitude, grit and creativity of the staff team. One of the biggest wins this month (and year!) was the safe arrival of the 40-ton crane to campus. Too many things to mention became speed bumps and even roadblocks, but by God's grace, all of them were surmounted. This is true for many situations we face on a weekly basis. The staff team deserves a ton of credit for all they do day in and day out, and for their long-term view of what we're making possible in Haiti. As the African saying goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


  • For the first time, the Trade School held two classes concurrently! All 18 students from both the welding and masonry classes passed with the possibility that some will be hired onto a construction site near Port au Prince.

  • Another private masonry class was help for 15 men from Assemblee Chretienne de la Transformation, a church in the local community.


  • Due to fuel shortages in the country in July, we postponed all classes at EIPP (Extollo in Port au Prince) until August.


  • Dan Schultze returned to campus to show four top students how to install electrical in the Metal Fabrication Building. It was an intense 1-week training that Dan described as an apprenticeship Level 2 or 3 effort. It required interpretation of plans, rough-in and finish electrical in addition to some new skills not learned in class.

  • Another milestone was achieved as alumni and trainer, Youwens Almidor, learned important entrepreneurial and small business skills completing a metal work project for a local client on his own. Jeff Ballard guided this opportunity, teaching Youwens all of the steps needed to run a metal fabrication business, including quoting the job, creating the design, working with the client, and building the metal work to specifications. Youwens took this on in his free time outside of work, showing tru initiative and drive!

  • The welding fabrication team created gutter supports, welding carts, a cover for the water filtration system and pressure tank, a work bench, and a desk for the metal fab office.


  • Javier's concrete crew stamped form labels for the tilt-up houses, painted forms, and continued developing capacity to mix and pour concrete.

  • Construction Team was busy installing drain lines and motion sensors for security, welding rebar mats, painting and sealing forms, concrete mixing and testing and pouring and finishing.

  • Metal fab team continues to build projects for the tilt-up operations, along with fabricating 16 desks for our neighbor, MBO.

  • Auto care facility keeps busy fixing vehicles and providing maintenance and inspection support.

  • (Actually happened in early August...but too exciting not to share) The 40-ton crane has arrived on campus and will be a game changer as it is the final remaining piece of large equipment needed to move forward with tilt-up operations.

  • US based Extollo board meeting occurred on July 27th and officially welcomed Mike Towns to the board.

Meet Bendy Ducoste Camille

Bendy hit the ground running as the Trade School's Administrative Assistant. He completed on-boarding training and has already made significant contributions to the school, developing new surveys and forms and a video highlighting HaitiChildren's Career Day (see below). Bendy has 6 years prior work experience with various organizations as an advanced professional school teacher, loan manager, and brand manager. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and speaks English fluently.

HaitiChildren Career Day

20 young students from the orphanage at HaitiChildren visited campus for a Career Day. This 3-hour event introduced students who are graduating from secondary school to Extollo's trades along with some hand-on interaction. Check out the video recapping this great event!

You're Invited!

Invite a friend and join us for a live 30 minute Zoom call to hear an update on where we've been, where we are, and the exciting things that are coming up!

Saturday, September 24th

4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST

Join the Facebook event to get updates and reminders!

Extollo is always looking for staff and volunteers to join the team and help advance our mission in Haiti. If you or someone you know may be interested, you can find more info here. Or send us an email - we would love to talk with you!

Join the Extollo team and gain a unique opportunity to equip Haitians in the construction industry through the development and construction of tilt up concrete houses and panelized security walls.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a very unique experience where they can use their skills and knowledge to help Haitians build a stronger Haiti.

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