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Impact Report - June 2022

Even in a very challenging environment, Extollo continues to make good progress. As you'll read below, a lot is happening: from big gains with the Trade School, to a lot of progress made by the tilt-up and metal fab teams, and new staff. Thank you for all the ways you continue to help make this happen.


  • Students began leading the morning devotionals through review of Extollo's character traits. This new approach was implemented to further engage students in faith building activities. In addition, new character trait banners were printed and installed at the Training Center.

  • Welding Level 1 - Three new Haitian trainers have been added since May, with the goal of creating a self-sufficient team that can operate independently of the metal fabrication group. - The 8 students enrolled in the June welding class achieved a 100% pass rate. - For the first time ever, students in the Welding Level 1 class awarded four plaques as a symbol of appreciation to Extollo as well as the three trainers for a job well done!

  • Practicum - Students started building out the Metal Fabrication Facility office. This project provided an opportunity for the team to use a variety of skills from metal fabrication and welding to carpentry. They cut holes into the container for windows and doors, fabricated windows, and finished the walls with plywood and paint. Ornate window guards were designed in AutoCAD and cut using the plasma cutter. This is great experience to apply to future projects! - US volunteer, Michael Elola, led a couple of practicum students in gutter work at the Training Center. - Other practicum students finished the sheet metal roofing and fabricated shelves inside the containers. The metal fab team also built carts that will allow tilt-up panels to be moved between locations.

  • Tilt-Up - A big team of 10+ students trained under Sherm to pour panels that will be used to build Extollo's tilt-up prototype homes and security fencing.

Thanks to Michael Elola for this tilt-up update video he took while visiting the Training Center!

  • Alumni Association Job Search Workshop - A total of 27 alumni attended in addition to a few interested campus employees. - Participants engaged with two local area construction leaders/engineers in a Q&A about what they look for in a construction candidate when hiring. - Junior's wife and HR expert, Rose Medard, gave a presentation about how to network, find job opportunities, prepare a resume, and interview.

  • With repetitive strikes at the Customs offices due to Customs officers being kidnapped - training materials and the crane remain at the port. We have a broker ensuring the safe-keeping of the items during this time.

Does your company have a Corporate Matching program? If so, you can make gifts to Extollo and your company will double your impact! Ask your HR department today to see if you have this (amazing) benefit.

Get to know Emilio, Jeffte, and Mony, three Extollo dads in this interview celebrating Father's Day:

Extollo is always looking for staff and volunteers to join the team and help advance our mission in Haiti. If you or someone you know may be interested, you can find more info here. Or send us an email - we would love to talk with you!

Join the Extollo team and gain a unique opportunity to equip Haitians in the construction industry through the development and construction of tilt up concrete houses and panelized security walls.

This is a great opportunity for someone who is looking for a very unique experience where they can use their skills and knowledge to help Haitians build a stronger Haiti.

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1 Comment

Jul 12, 2022

Such wonderful & exciting news on all the progress!! I continue to pray for each one of you!

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