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Impact Report - March 2024

Campus staff houses with tilt-up security wall to the right.


This Impact Report will be a little different this month - sharing first a brief overview of what's going on in Haiti, but then offering some examples of ways that people are currently making an impact through Extollo. As you read the report this month, we encourage you to think of ways that you might join Extollo in new ways to increase your impact in Haiti.

Preparing for a Brighter Future in Haiti

A message from Sherman Balch, Extollo Founder and CEO

The current crisis in Haiti is heartbreaking. The Haitian people are constantly in our prayers. While the situation has unfortunately limited our ability to deliver our programs, our commitment to Haiti remains unwavering. Behind the scenes, at the time of this letter, our Haitian team is safe and has found refuge. We are thankful we can continue to pay their working wages as they prioritize their safety. Meanwhile, our Expat team and US team actively work to prepare to launch our many initiatives and new trainings as soon as Haiti reopens. Our dedicated team is working hard to further build out our organization for long-term success. We refuse to be discouraged or diverted from our purpose. A brighter future for Haiti is coming, and Extollo's high quality trainings in the construction trades - and the construction products we will produce - will literally help build that future. Thank you for your prayers for Haiti and Extollo during this very difficult time. Your ongoing support is such a great encouragement to all of us. 

National Day of Prayer

Sign up to join us for a 20 minute time of prayer May 2nd at 4:30pm PST

  • Political Leaders

  • Peace & Security

  • Education

  • Extollo Staff & Students

  • Training Center Security

  • Future Planning

Join us wherever you are on Haitian Flag Day, May18th, for a Fun Run/Walk. We

encourage people of all ages and abilities to join us as we raise awareness for Extollo and Haiti.

Sign up to join us and we’ll send you a run packet! (including a Haitian flag!) We also encourage you to learn more about Haitian Flag Day.

Join the Crew!

The vast majority of our students are unable to afford Extollo's high-quality vocational training. As a community of advocates, CREW members provide financial support to ambitious men and women who are elevating their careers, their families, and their communities.

Each student at Extollo is required to pay a portion of their course fee. CREW members commit to covering the remaining cost of their education through scholarships. We're looking for more people to join the crew so that we can increase our impact in Haiti.

Meet Crew Member: Jill

I love your organization! I attended Cornerstone Church for about 10 years. I participated in one of the dental missions trips to Kenya, and came home with mixed feelings in terms of mission trips in general to 3rd world countries. I wasn’t sure what the overall “good” was to just go in and do medical care or build, or whatever. I saw a lot of “hands out” and the expectation that people from 1st world countries would come and fix things so there was no need to do it themselves. Either that or the desire to move to the US instead of staying home and working to improve things.

My friend, Carol, invited me to one of your dinners at Castlewood Country Club. I was impressed by what I heard and gave a one time donation to Extollo.

Fast forward a few years - my husband died and I moved to Colorado. I was organizing my finances and rethinking my giving and so emailed Carol, asking her if she still supported Extollo and if she was satisfied with how the funds were being spent. She said “yes”, so I signed up! I love the whole idea of giving people the tools to make a difference in their own communities, versus just going in and “fixing things”. Thanks for the great work that you do!

Volunteer Your Time and Talents

You don't have to have a background in the construction trades to make an impact with Extollo!

Meet Champion Supporters & Volunteers: The Elola Family

Our family has always been passionate about empowering people through agriculture and

vocational training. When we first started volunteering with Extollo, and we discovered the challenges faced by Haitian communities, we knew we had to combine these passions. That's why we're using our skills to make a real difference in people's lives.

We love working alongside Haitians, teaching sustainable farming techniques on Extollo's campus in Haiti. This empowers families to grow their own nutritious food, achieve greater food security, and build a

brighter future.

Witnessing the transformation – a family's first successful harvest, a new skill learned – fills our hearts with joy. It's not just about teaching; it's about learning alongside them. We gain a deeper understanding of their culture and resilience, and their determination inspires us every day. Together, we're cultivating a future where Haitian communities can thrive.

Women In Construction

In honor of "Women in Construction" Week, we shared a few stories of some of the amazing women who make up the Extollo team. If you missed it, make sure to check it out here.

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