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Impact Report - Year in Review

Graduates from a recent masonry training.


In 2023, challenges like gang influence, security issues, and travel constraints impacted us. Despite these hurdles, we advanced our mission through charitable initiatives, the resilience of our campus team, construction milestones, and extensive training classes at Extollo. This work sets a strong foundation for a successful 2024.

  • Starlink satellite-based internet and solar cameras installed on campus

  • Launched the first Metal Fabrication Class

  • All classes taught by Haitian staff

  • 4KW Solar power system purchased & installed at the police station in Arcahaie

  • Opened an auto care facility for our own fleet and one local community service organization

  • A backhoe was shipped and delivered to campus from the US

47 Graduates

in 6 Level 1 classes: 21 welding, 24 masonry and 2 metal fabrication students.

82,595 Gallons

of drinking water distributed to the local community due to insecurity.

17 Alumni Employed

in the Practicum Program putting in over 10,172 training + work hours developing 13 trades + 40 skill sets.

200 Pages

of NEW welding and metal fabrication curriculum written.

Develop first tilt-up housing development

Open Auto-Care business to the public

Build three new prototype tilt-up houses

International visitors back in Haiti

Thank you for supporting sustainable development in Haiti through Extollo. Your contributions bring hope for a brighter future. Every donation, bit or small, makes a difference.

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God is so good! So very thankful for the entire Extollo staff, team, & graduates!! May God continue to keep you safe & bless others with His love & care!

Mi piace
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