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Update from Bercy, Haiti Campus

Recently Extollo’s founder, Sherm Balch, was on campus and took a few videos to update us on the progress of our construction projects. In the following videos, he gives us an update on the batch plant for our tilt-up operations, our Metal Fabrication Facility, and the security wall next to our staff houses.

Take a look at these updates on a few of the big initiatives we’re working on right now:

The training center has had a temporary chain link fence since 2016. Graduates from our masonry program are now getting practicum experience while being paid a daily wage to erect a concrete block security wall around the back and side of the property. This will give our staff and guest houses more privacy and added security.

Haiti is known for the devastation that comes from buildings not being strong enough to withstand natural disasters. Extollo has worked hard to teach Haitians how to build to International building standards. Moving forward, Extollo is in the process of bringing tilt-up construction to Haiti! This form of construction is not yet being done in Haiti and we are proud to be a part of expanding earthquake and hurricane resistant building practices. Many organizations are already reaching out to Extollo with interest in this new way of building!

Extollo has been fabricating fence panels and other projects for a while now, but now we will have a designated space for this work. With our growing operations, we needed a space specifically for this purpose. We have a lot of interest in the fence panels surrounding the front and side of our property that welding students have fabricated during their level 1 training. We have already completed other metal fences for organizations in Haiti and we are excited for the jobs that this shop will create!

Want to see all this in person? Visit campus on one of our Listening and Learning Expeditions. These are five-day trips where you will gain a clearer understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the country of Haiti, and Extollo in particular. Consider signing up for a future trip - or letting us know you’re interested in learning more.

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